Self – Motivation – 5 Strategies For Surviving the "Pit" of Life

Does it seem as if life has presented you with situations where you have been knocked down and knocked around? Are you facing a barrage of obstacles, challenges, issues, and problems? Do you feel as if you’ve been knocked into a “pit”?

I define the “pit” as a state of being in which you feel helpless, hopeless and unable to succeed. Your energy is low, your actions are stagnant, and your faith is weak. Overall, you lack the ability to motivate yourself to take action.

I have found that once you fall in the “pit”, it is sometimes hard to come out. You struggle and can’t get a grip. You slip, you slide, you fall flat on your face. Worse yet, you feel as if you can’t see, and there seems to be no one around to help.

What I have come to realize, however, is that self-motivation is one of the most crucial resources to surviving the challenges of life. Self-motivation is when you can see beyond your current situation in order to move yourself into action.

Even though we all have self-motivation as a tool to increase our chances of avoiding life’s pitfalls, I have observed that there are those of us that find it extremely hard to remain motivated in living life daily. And worse yet, I’ve realized that there are some who completely rely upon other people to motivate them.

No matter what life has tricked you into believing about yourself, understand that you must motivate yourself! When you are knocked down by the challenges of life, know that you are your greatest resource to getting back up again!

Here are five (5) strategies that I developed which will help you to remain motivated to climb out your “pit”:

“Put on your Rhinestone Combat Boots”: Put your foot down, take a stand and declare, “Enough is enough!” Feel good about yourself as you wear the knowledge, experiences, wisdom, and faith that will help you to fight battles, climb over challenges, and kick butt”.

“Focus on the Light”: You must realize that your success depends on you believing in yourself and pushing beyond what you see. You must learn to focus on what lies ahead (i.e. job promotion, SBA loan, keys to your new home) and not dwell on what has passed (i.e. layoff, bankruptcy, divorce).

“Grasp Again”: Learn that when you slip in grasping for something that you want, that break gives you a chance to take a breath, regain your strength, and renew your focus, allowing you to see the best way to grasp again. As my favorite singer, Aaliyah, once sang, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again, you can dust it off and try again, try again.” Meaning, keep grasping until you get a firm hold and can overcome your obstacles.

“Have a Flashback Party”: Get together with a group of your closest friends. Allow those who know you well to shed light on the areas where you are great. You will gain strength as the memories reveal your achievements, successes, and moments of fearlessness. The “flashback party” will add to your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem and give you the energy to fight the darkness.

“Sing a Tune”: “Singing a tune” of positive words will uplift, encourage and motivate you to put forth your best effort to overcome the challenges of your life. Quotes, words of praise, affirmations, and scriptures are examples of positive “tunes” that you must play in your mind over and over again as you experience your darkest moments.

Success in life does require you to receive guidance, direction and assistance from others. Yet, the vital key to remaining out of and moving beyond the “pit” requires that you serve as the motivating force of your own life. When you “Put on your Rhinestone Combat Boots”, “Focus on the Light”, “Grasp Again”, “Have a Flashback Party”, and “Sing a Tune”, your actions will develop you into a capable individual who is wise and strong enough to overcome the challenges life throws your way.

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Applause – A Motivation

“A little sound of applause makes a magical difference then a thousand rupee note”.

Motivation is a kind positive push, to a person to proceed further to achieve his wants and desire. In early 80’s and 90’s the term Motivation was not considered on higher terms neither it was used broadly. But as the time changed, people felt and saw the magic of motivation. It became a term which started being highly used in professional as well as personal lives. Motivation is one of those terms which has vast explanation and small meaning. It can be widely explore, reviewed and collected.

Motivation – in a broader sense

Motivation has to be started from the gate of an organisation, from the day one of the new entrant till his/her last day of the service. Motivation can be done at any stage of your service and employment. It does not have any connection to your designation. It is also viewed in two broad manners: self motivation and praise motivation. Self motivation is a motivation in which an employee get aspire from the surrounding and initiatives made or done in a nearby environment. It is one of the best ways to aspire the employee. As if an employee look that his fellow colleague is getting some extra attention or been rewarded in terms of Applause, appreciation letter or money etc by management and others, he automatically feels motivated to work in the same direction in which he could earn more credibility as others are gaining.

Motivation can be done in endless number of ways, but one should always remember that it should be done in right way and in right manner. Oftenly employees get motivated towards the wrong things,

for e.g. as if one employee is taking a leave without information which usually happens and management never bothers to take any action or does not acts on a such behavior, another employee gets motivated to do the same.

Mode of Motivation

As per stated above, motivation can be done by any mode. Like: –

Dreams are motivation – dreams are kind of motivation which can be seen unlimited by any one.

Praise is a motivation – simple words from your boss like VERY GOOD or GREAT WORK is a way of high effective motivation.

Shopping is a motivation – people are motivated to buy new thing while doing shopping.

Love – Love is a motivation which has the greatest impact to achieve the desires for your loved ones.

Success – one gets motivated to achieve the success so he/she makes his /her success a motivation.



Movies – entertainment



Etc are many few of the ways of motivation.

Motivation – an adoption and a Satisfaction

Today, motivation is also a part of self appraisal, self esteem and behavioral posture.

Motivation = behavioral posture

Motivation = Self esteem

Motivation = Self appraisal

So many times we see and ask that why a human or an animal is engaged in certain or specific set of action (Criminals, actors, business, service etc)?

What is there motivation behind that action? Let me explain the answer.

Every human being has there own specific brain set. They like to indulge in what they believe and what they want to believe in. It is generally and commonly viewed that Doctor’s son will be a doctor; Lawyer’s son will be a lawyer. These are the norms which generally others think for others. As for example a son/daughter of a doctor will get the environment of his/her home different from a lawyers home. Parents want that there children should adopt the same profession in which they are involved in. So, the motivation from the environment and surrounding motivates a child to behave, adopt and act accordingly.

Motivation is also major part of self esteem. Self esteem makes you more confident and straight in your communication and thinking. People want to be motivated in order to increase their moral and want to be confident as others are. To boast up they motivate themselves to be confident to increase their self esteem. Same goes with self appraisal.

Self appraisal is a concerned sister of self esteem and again motivation is one of the big ways to achieve the sense of self appraisal.

For e.g. analysis of choosing what u want to wear?

I would like to present an example that will illustrate the utility of the type of motivational analysis illustrated in the article. Most of us enjoy dressing up even without any special occasion. What are favorite dresses? Colors – black, blue, orange etc? Jeans or trousers? Shirts or T-shirts? Long or minimal skirt? etc. When we dress up according to our own desire, we develop a sense of looking beautiful or handsome, which makes us more confident or increases are self esteem which lands us on the seventh level of sky. The feeling of getting noticed by the known and unknowns, getting compliments, being comfortable makes one flawing in the sky. The feeling of getting noticed by others motivates us to do the same again and again as it starts giving us immense pleasure and satisfaction which in turns boasts our confidence and increases our self esteem. Also a motivated, different and positive behavior can be seen in a satisfied person

Motivation – a sense of achievement.

So how can one create a better environment for himself and his employees? What can he do differently to motivate his employees? One very good answer is APPLAUSE. As stated above, applause is one of the best ways to motivate any human being especially if it is done in front of others/fellow colleagues/known ones. As if an employee performs well and his employer just visit his work desk with other high authority, surprisingly and applaud in there, front of others, team members, imagine……, the kind of satisfaction and credibility an employee earns. Such motivation is a push to an employee to achieve/gain his goals and targets towards his organization which is one of the best ways amongst other means of motivation. It is a human nature and it has been proven that human being does not earn for himself, he earns to show others. It is a nature of human being, that he is always hungry of praise; they are never satisfied to what they get, they always want more and more. So, by the feeling of being recognized amongst others eyes is a best way to attain credibility and for that Applause sprinkles the magic.


Before signing off once again I will say that motivation cannot be done only through rewarding an employee by not only giving money but a small sound of applause is more powerful.

To support my article I would like to include few quotations: –

o Watch a sunrise.

o People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that is why we recommend it daily.

o Desire creates the power.

o The ones who want to achieve and win championships motivate themselves.

o Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action.

With love and affection,

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6 Employee Motivation Tricks

As a leader are you managing your team with metrics, standard scoring and standardized feedback? How’s that working out for you? Odds are low your employees are ready to rock if they are locked in a box full of must do’s with no escape plan to get out of the box. Lack of inspiration can be costly. According to Gallup in 2018 alone, estimates for the cost of poor management and lost productivity from employees in the US who are not engaged or actively disengaged is somewhere between $ 960 billion and $ 1.2 trillion. Following are six motivational maneuvers to lower disengagement costs while raising the bar for employee productivity.

1. Train them. Whether you are onboarding a new employee or transferring an existing employee to a new department / project it is import to train them effectively. Does the employee know how to use the software? Are the project procedures highlighted in a clear and comprehensive manner? Take the time up front by making sure the employee has access to the tools, necessary passwords and contact information for reaching out to the proper manpower for assistance.
2. Provide the tools they will need to do their job effectively and efficiently. Different jobs require different tools to get the job done properly. Make sure equipment, software and resources are all up-to-date. Have additional funding available for outside training or online courses that will enhance employee knowledge.
3. Empower them. While a new hire may need oversight and guidance in the beginning, once they have their solid footing, allow them to provide input. Make sure the employee knows they have the freedom to act without getting permission to act. No one wants to be micro-managed.
4. Listen to them. Let your employee feel secure enough to voice their opinions. Team meetings should be a safe place to recommend changes, ideas or voice concerns. Not every concern or idea needs to be addressed or acted upon but the option to express oneself should always be available.
5. Consider their needs for a flexible schedule. For some employees the option to come in early so they can leave early to pick up their children from school is a huge factor in providing relief, thus allowing them to concentrate on work more completely. Allow your employee to work from home when they need to take their car in for repairs or to visit the doctor. If possible allow employees to work remotely one day a week or when weather conditions are poor.
6. Assign a mentor. A mentor is a resource the employee can feel safe reaching out to. A mentor can answer questions about how to best get the job done as well as how to strengthen one’s career path within the corporation.

Notice none of the tips require an increase in salary. Employees won’t work harder or longer just for the sake of it. There’s a quid pro quo and often it is not about money. So drop that stale performance review form and apply these tricks; You’ll see your employees jump through hoops to get the job done right, right on time.

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Personal Development & Success – "Creating the Motivation You Need"

Have you ever heard someone say something like, "I haven't felt motivated lately," or, "I'll do it as soon as I feel motivated enough?" I know that I have and, truth be known, am guilty of using these and similar phrases myself. You see, I, like many others, used to believe that action only happens through motivation. That, I must wait around for the so-called "feeling to move me" before I will get anything accomplished.

Well, I was wrong. And I believe that I was wrong for two reasons. First is that I was unable to see the 'big picture' – the reason that the 'thing' had to be done in the first place and how that 'thing' relates to other things that I wanted to accomplish, do, enjoy, etc .

And secondly because, quite frankly, I just didn't know how I operated. Oh sure, I liked to believe that I was in control of myself, but why then was I not able to motivate myself if I did indeed have so much control?

Motivation is really like creativity, or any other drive or impulse. We can wait around for it to magically appear, which it often does and often at the most inopportune times (remember all the really great ideas you've had while driving down the road without a notebook or tape recorder to capture it? Or how about the times we're motivated to do something cool that our friends or family would really like but everyone else's schedule doesn't fit our 'moment of brilliance.' Remember?

No, the secret with motivation is to realize that it cannot be relied on to create action. It does, but in no predictable, usable way. Without the unpredictable variable such as luck, coincidence and the like, to rely on an emotional impulse such as motivation to drive us forward is like waiting for food to appear in your cupboards without going to the store to buy it.

How then do we create motivation? The answer, ironically, is in the question itself. How do we create. . .?

To create anything, we take action – we have to 'do' something. And actions themselves come in three forms – as thoughts – as speech – and, of course, as physical deeds. It is here that we find the necessary ingredients for 'creating' the motivation we need.

How? Let's take a look at the grocery scenario and ask another question: "What motivates us to go shopping for groceries in the first place?

Most people would answer, "I don't have any food in the house." But, a Ninja looking at the bigger picture would ask another question focused on the "why." Why don't I have groceries in the house? Because I or someone else ate them. Actions preceding the need for motivation is precisely what 'causes' the motivation to occur. Once we understand this little secret, we are then free to use the same formula to do it again and again.

Groceries are one thing, you say but, what about my goals. After all, groceries are a necessity, my goals are just dreams, wants, and wishes.

Here-in lies the answer to my first problem. Remember?

Right. The inability to 'see' (a mental action) how my goal was a necessary part of living the life I wanted to live. Because, once I was able to see how vital it was that I attain my goal – how I could not accomplish other things I wanted to do, I was then endowed with all the motivation I could handle to do what needed to be done.

So, it is true that motivation leads to action, but only, and I mean only, after it is caused into being by a previous action. There must be something in place, a thought or dream, a promise (verbal action), or something that must be handled (like an assailant's attack) that requires action NOW, before motivation will be the compelling drive for us to move.

Can you imagine using the same excuse for not achieving the goal you want when confronted by an attacker? I really don't think that "I'm not motivated to do anything right now," is going to make him or her go away – do you?

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Building Motivation With the Snowball Effect

“What can you do when you’re lodged in a negative stream of events, and the mountain of problems saps all of your motivation to fix things?”

I got this question from a friend of mine who’s had a series of bad luck, compounded by his own negative emotional reaction to the situation.

If you’re feeling like you need to get out of a tight spot, but you lack the fighting spirit to “take arms against a sea of troubles” ??

Let me explain THE SNOWBALL EFFECT :

The first thing to understand about trends in life, negative or positive, is that they usually work like snowballs. A first negative or positive event, like a few isolated snowflakes, drifts down the side of the mountain with almost no effect. But – let another few and another few snowflakes get stuck together – and you get a snowball rolling down a hillside.

Let this ball collect snow and, bam!, you end up with an avalanche.

No one can stand alone and try to stop an avalanche with brute force. Once a strong string of negative events has taken over, you can try to hold back the tide with outstretched arms, but it won’t work.

So what to do?

Well, positive things work with the snowball effect too. Action breeds action.

What you need to do is to take positive action. Start with little things. Do the dishes. Tidy. Buy a rose for your wife/husband. Pick any small thing that will have an immediate positive effect on your life or your environment. The deed should be executable in less than 30 minutes and MUST have positive results immediately.

Once you’ve done this, pick the next thing. Perhaps something a bit bigger. Don’t tackle anything intimidating or enormous. Just get a good, positive trend rolling.

This is how to build motivation: by establishing a causal link between the effort you make and a quick, predictable and desirable outcome.

By getting a ball of positivity rolling, you’ll feel more empowered to, one by one, take on the more challenging issues in your life.


“Even the highest mountain is climbed in a series of steps.”

When trying to climb mount Everest, the best way to get discouraged is to stare at the top.

Big problems sometimes kill motivation just because of their size. If you look at a big issue in your life – like a mountain of debt – the magnitude of the problem can sap your will to take on the challenge.

So, the key to keeping your motivation in tact is to break the challenge into smaller steps. These milestones allow you not only to see progress, but also to see exactly what you have to do at each stage. While you might not see your way clear to making it up the whole mountain in one go, getting to the next plateau might seem manageable.

Your goal, then, is to break your problems down into manageable steps. Once you’ve got smaller things you can easily succeed at, you’ll not only see progress, but you’ll feel less demotivated by the sheer size of a problem.

Remember : the best way not to climb the mountain is to spend time staring at the top, so don’t do it! Don’t be a tourist admiring your own problems. Act. Action begets action.

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Importance of Motivation

The importance of motivation is important for most people in everyday situations. Universities and organizations and schools always make sure that their students and employees are always motivated to carry out their work to the best of their ability. However, due to factors beyond their control more and more people are finding it hard to motivate themselves due to lots of factors. This article will explore the importance of motivation and how it as affected thousands and thousands of individuals.

One of the main importances of motivation is to increase morale of an individual. For example, if a sports team is constantly losing their matches then this will have a negative effect on the morale of the whole team as no one likes to lose. Furthermore, this loss can affect the behavior of the individual. Therefore, on this basis the manager who coaches the team is responsible for motivating his players to help them stay focused on future matches. The manager is responsible for helping to motivate the players and help develop their confidence. On this basis, motivation is important because it can help a person forget about the past and move on.

Another importance of motivation is when a person might be going through personal domestic problems and therefore, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the person is motivated to carry out their job without taking their problems to the workplace. Moreover, the employer will have to need to ensure that they motivate the individual in many ways to make sure the person is not emotionally affected by their problems. Sometimes some people can find it hard to adjust to their job when they have domestic personal problems and therefore, on that basis it is important that an individual is motivated and focused to carry out their tasks.

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Putting Off Exercise? Two Ways to Regain Motivation and Stop Procrastinating Workouts

Today is the day!

You told yourself you’d hit to the gym after work. But work was more hectic than you thought. Now you’re drained. You drive home, clean up a bit, but then you make the mistake of sitting down. You can feel your energy fading – along with your motivation.

You know you should get that workout in.

But the idea of dragging yourself to the gym is quickly turning into a pipe dream. You feel like you just can’t get yourself to get up. So then you decide you’ll workout tomorrow instead. But this too is questionable.

This cycle can go on for days… weeks… even months. And it’s frustrating because part of us wants to work out, and knows we’ll feel so much better once we do – but another part of ourselves would rather just crash on the couch.

So why do we procrastinate workouts?

Let’s look at three culprits:

1. I’m Too Busy

2. I Don’t Feel Like It

3. I Can’t Wake Up In Time

1) I’m Too Busy

Have you found there are “more important” things to do than getting to the gym?

Maybe there’s paperwork to catch up.

Maybe there are clothes to fold.

Maybe you have to make dinner.

The tricky part is all of those might be valid. All of those might be important. But those reasons can quickly turn into excuses. Especially if those same reasons stop you day after day.

2) I Don’t Feel Like It.

Some days we just aren’t in the mood.

We’re tired.

We’re stressed out.

We’re not feeling motivated.

Because we’re not in the right mood, we wait until a “better day” or when we’re in a “better mood”.

Behind this reason is often the belief that, “I need to be motivated before I act” – which is FAR from the truth. I’ve met many fit people and some days they are gung-ho and super-motivated but sometimes they aren’t – but they work out anyway. Lack of motivation doesn’t stop them.

3) I Can’t Wake Up In Time

Mornings can be rough.

The alarm disrupts our perfect slumber. So we hit snooze once… twice… a dozen times until finally we frantically have to get ready for the day.

Maybe the bed is too cozy

Maybe it’s too cold outside

Maybe you’re too tired.

It can be tough waking up, especially if you’re a night owl. Or if you’re in the habit of snoozing your alarm clock. Sure – exercising in the morning has benefits. But if the mornings don’t work, find a time that does. For some people, lunch hours or evening works much better for them.

So it could be any one of these or combination of these. Whatever the reason, let’s look at two ways to prevent this cycle of procrastinating workouts.

Imagine The Finish Line

As you imagine your next workout, what comes to mind?

Do you imagine how pleasant and enjoyable it’s going to be?

Do you think about how happy you’re going be while doing it?

How much fun you’re going to have?

Probably not. When most people imagine working out, they picture all sorts of unpleasant things. Their focus zooms in on the painful exercises… how hard it will be… how tired they’ll be… how sore they’ll be… everyone watching them…

It’s easy to see how they talk themselves out of it.

Focusing on these things will make anyone unmotivated. But just like a photographer, you can adjust and shift your focus to other qualities of a landscape. More beautiful aspects. More inspiring aspects.

In fact, let’s take a lesson from the Navy SEALS on this.

Years ago, the Navy SEALS were in a dilemma, 76% of their top candidates were dropping out.The Navy knew these recruits were more than capable, yet few were making the cut. So they called psychologist, Eric Potterat to figure out how to boost the recruits’ mental toughness. Potterat created four habits (called The Big Four) that worked so well, it increased graduation rate by 50%!

One habit was known as “Imagining How Good It Will Feel”.

When recruits needed a boost to keep them going through a brutal workout, he taught them to imagine successfully completing a workout. This allowed them to tap into powerful emotions like feeling successful and accomplishing something. And this allowed them to power through it.

Here’s how you can use this:

Visualize A Successful Workout

Imagine yourself successfully completing the workout.

Think about how good that will feel at the end.

Feel that success and that accomplishment.

Even if it’s just one workout, it’s still an accomplishment.

Even if you can’t perform as well as you used to, it’s still an accomplishment.

Visualize it as best as you can.

Bring in as many senses as you can.

And you don’t have to focus on the completing the entire workout. You can use this for certain parts of your workout; using something Potterat calls “segmenting.”

In an interview with Business Insider, Potterat states:

“If you’re thrust into a seemingly overwhelming, stressful situation, the best thing you can do is just kind of manage one step at a time and focus on what’s controllable.”

Pick out certain exercises and how they will feel once you’ve accomplished them.

For me, I don’t enjoy doing pull ups. If I imagine doing pull ups, it’s not very motivating. But if I imagine what it’s like after completing pull ups, it’s very motivating. Use it for certain exercises.

When you break it down like this, it’s somewhat like crossing off items on a checklist. You can give yourself a surge of accomplishment by finishing each of those small steps.

Here are some additional aspects you can focus on:

When you’re done how much more alert and energized will you feel?

How much more peace of mind will you have after the work out?

How much better will the rest of your day feel?

Do you think that feeling of accomplishment will carry with you the rest of the day?

5-Minute Commitment

Working as a fitness professional, I learned that the most successful clients had certain things in common.

One of which was the quantity of workouts they did on their own (called “off-day workouts”). In many cases, these would make or break people. You see, when people need to show up for a session with a trainer, they have accountability. So it’s not too difficult to show up.

But it’s a different story when they have to show up on their own.

So I gave them a challenge.

Even if you’re tired.

Even if you don’t feel like it.

Even if you’re not motivated.

Even if you’re not in the mood.

5-Minute Commitment

  1. Workout for 5-minutes
  2. If after five minutes you still aren’t feeling it, then go home.

Well, guess what?

In most cases, they’ll finish the entire workout. Instead of waiting for motivation to strike them like lightning, they acted their way into motivation. It’s similar to the quote by William Butler Yeats, “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”

Commit yourself to just five minutes.

Worst-case scenario, you still accomplish a small workout.

Best-case scenario, you finish the entire thing.

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Self-Motivation As a Tonic for Success

There is a saying that it is easy to take a horse to the river. But what is not easy is to force it to drink water there. This saying is also true when it comes to achievement of success. It is one thing to try to motivate somebody to achieve success in life. But your effort at inspiring the person may not achieve results until the person him- or herself is self-motivated. This is because one’s effort will be fruitless if in one’s absence, the person does not have the determination to be successful.

There are two parts to self-motivation or internal motivation, that is, mental and physical. In the mental stage, you conceive in your mind where you want to go; while in the physical state, you take action to get to where you aspire to be.


Self-motivation, which consists of thought and action, is a key to success. This is because the willingness to act on your ideas is at least as important as the ideas themselves. Anybody that wants to be successful in life needs to be a self-starter; give his or her success aspiration all he or she has; and dare him- or herself to act now.

The world is full of opportunities beckoning at you every second, minute and day. But the key to making the most of those opportunities is action. This implies that one needs to dream his or her dreams, but motivate him- or herself to put plans into motion.

Fixed-personality myth

The choice one makes for his or her thinking either motivates him or her or not. Although clear visualisation of a goal is a good first step, a joyfully-motivated life demands more. To live the life one wants to live, action is required. In the words of William Shakespeare, “Action is eloquence.”

Steve Chandler, a sales trainer as well as a keynote and convention speaker submits that it is a myth to say each of us has a fixed personality. Chandler stresses that this is self-limiting and denies us our power of continuous creation. In our ongoing creation of whom we are, nothing has a greater impact on that process than the choice we make between optimism and pessimism. There are no optimism or pessimism personalities; there are only single, individual choices for optimistic or pessimistic thoughts.

First step

To be able to motivate oneself to success through self-motivation, one must be able to identify core desires. Everybody has what it takes to achieve greatest desires, but to find the motivation and direction one’s life needs, one must identify his or her core desires. That is, things one is very passionate about. Whether you want to earn more money, establish cordial relationships or boost your self-confidence, you must first identify your core desires, that is, things that drive you from within.


Apart from identifying your core desires, you also need to have ideas to be able to succeed. If you have ideas, you have the main asset you need, and the sky is beginning of your success that can be achieved through self-motivation.

Dr. Walter Doyle Staples, one of America’s most celebrated authorities on human-potential issues says all accomplishments, whether big or small, begin with an idea. Although ideas in general are not in short supply, creative and innovative ideas are, and so are people who can turn them into reality. You should prepare for success and your chance will definitely come.


Having got the necessary ideas, another thing to do to be able to accomplish success through self-motivation is to set goals and plan. Before any adventure, take time to plan. Design your own plan of attack. Always observe a successful person, no sooner does he or she achieve his or her goal than he or she will set newer and higher goals in order to further extend his or her success and happiness.

This does not mean that successful people have no disappointments. But they are successful because they know how to overcome challenges. When formulating your personal goals, you should endeavour to keep this simple PROBE rule in mind. That is, make the goals “Practical”; “Reasonable”; “Obtainable”; “Big” and “Exciting”.


In addition to your goal-setting, you need to have a vision. Without a vision, one does not know where he or she is going and certainly cannot develop a strategy to get there. The vision one establishes, creates the future he or she will have. Establishing your vision requires that you integrate the person you are and the opportunity you have chosen to pursue to a cohesive whole.

Energy and good health habits

Being energetic and cultivation of good health habits are another area worthy of consideration when talking about achievements through self-motivation.

George Shinn, a renowned motivational writer and speaker says, “You need energy for successful motivation. Energy is like the propellant that goes into a satellite to provide thrust (action), like the gasoline that powers our cars. But the amount of energy an individual has to expend is…measured by the condition of the human body and mind.” Health is a person’s physical and mental state.


You need to devote your very substantial energies as fully as possible to the venture you are engaging yourself in, throw yourself into the work and spend long hours at it to be able to succeed. Additionally, you need to make your appearance an asset; develop a magnetic personality; build successful relationships; overcome worry, doubt, and fear; master your tensions and learn to relax; overcome failure; learn from your mistakes; and solve your problems.


Paradoxically, the readiness to visualise one’s last hours is a self-motivation tonic when we are talking about achievement of success. As Chandler puts it, “Pretending you aren’t going to die is detrimental to your enjoyment of life… Confronting our own death doesn’t have to wait until we run out of life. In fact, being able to vividly image our last hours on our deathbed creates a paradoxical sensation: the feeling of being born all over again – the first step to fearless self-motivation.”

Words of advice

What is the essence of coming to this world without making indelible impression or become a great achiever through self-motivation? You need to deploy all efforts to be able to succeed and your best bet is to (re)activate your internal-motivation mechanisms.

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5 Simple Steps to Endless Motivation and Power

When you think of motivation, what thoughts cross your mind? Maybe a marathon athlete determined to make it to the finish line. What about a college kid barreling through their final exams before graduation? The exact definition of motivation may vary from person to person. No matter what your personal interpretation of motivation is, its piece in the puzzle of success is vital.

Motivation is the strengthening force behind life change. It is the magic that happens when you know exactly what you want and possess the burning desire to do what is necessary to get it- the substance that keeps your dreams on track. With motivation, you possess the potential to continuously touch you dreams. Without motivation, where would our power be to outlast the tough times?

There is nothing like the intrinsic energy that constantly propels you forward in pursuit of your dreams. The ability to set goals, work hard and go after your passions is an enjoyment that can never be taken from you. If achieved, once achieved, your desire to consistently complete goals can become addicting. You may ask yourself “How can I continually reproduce my motivation to pursue my passion and achieve my dreams?” Here are 5 simple steps to endless motivation and power:

1. Be Visual with Your Vision

Create a vision board and fill it with images of your desired goals and dreams. The luxury car you want to drive (or have driven for you), the mansion you want to live and the amount of money you want to have in the bank will understandably be on your lists. However, don’t just stop at surface level; dig deeper. Really spend some time to meditate and think deeply. Think not only on the things that you want to have but the person that you want to become. Include the character traits that you want to model and the reputation that you want to have. Don’t forget the goals that you want to accomplish. Be sure to write them down. Include pictures of family and friends, potential travel destinations, and anything that creates an emotional response and makes your heart beat. When reviewing potential pieces of your vision board, think “What inspires me passionately?”

Time is one of the most valuable, non-refundable resources we have. You can either fully use, or forever lose it.

2. Have Time Value

If you are not already, start appreciating the value of time. Time is one of the most valuable, non-refundable resources we have. You can either fully use, or forever lose it. If your ultimate aim is to create change, you are going to have to invest a great deal of time to make it happen. You can start by reducing the time you spend on things that are superfluous to your goals. Be mindful of your time spent on activities such as watching television, spending weekends at the mall, excessive partying, traveling and even spending copious amounts of time visiting family and friends – For these things may bring you short-term joy in the present, but won’t help you get what you want or where you want to be. Remember that time is a non-refundable resource, and you should not so easily allow excessive activities to swindle you of something so precious. You may be wondering, “How can I use all of this time more effectively?” The answer is, by reinvesting it in yourself and your goals. Don’t forget to remember this: No one knows the exact amount of time they have here on earth. However much it is, the number is fixed. What counts, is not how much time that you have, but how you choose to use it. The contrast is will you will you let time pass you by, or will you make the most of the valuable resources that you have?

3. Get Emotional

Not happy with the position you are currently in? Wanting to change your situation or surroundings? Get emotional about where you are. How anxious are you about your position in life right now? Do your actions and emotions model challenge and change, or conformity and comfortability? Check your attitude towards change. Is it biased and intolerant to change, or does it model motivational mannerisms? So ask yourself “Why do I want to change?” Is it because you’re TIRED of feeling UNFULFILLED? Do you feel BORED and UNACCOMPLISHED with your life? Are you SICK and TIRED of repeating the same cycle day in and day out? Do you feel INSPIRED to get more out of life? Are you UNCOMFORTABLE enough to change? If not, got uncomfortable, get emotional and get moving!

4. Have Self-Compassion

Sometimes, we can be our own biggest critic. Give yourself a break for goodness sake. You’re wondering why you are not normal or if you are normal. The answer is, “yes!” Normal people make mistakes. Normal people fall short… Normal people get back up, dust themselves off and keep going after a mistake or misstep. A wise man once told me “It’s not how many times you fall that counts, but how many times you get back up afterward and keep going.” So let me ask you, what makes you think that your road to success is paved with perfection? The road that you drive in real life isn’t perfectly paved, and sometimes, you may hit a bump in it. Will you let that bump define your character, or keep your eyes on the prize as you strive for your future? Having compassion for yourself will let go of the past experiences, learn lessons from them and make room for you to grab a hold of your future.

5. Face Your Fear(s)

Face your fears, plain and simple you. Fear is the subjection that is determined to stop you where you stand and deprive you of your dreams. It’s the ever-being obstacle with the potential to veer its head at any time, no matter how many times we have dealt with it in the past. Are you going to allow this pernicious imposter to crush your dreams, steal your joy and defer you from your destiny? Imagine this lingering thought haunting your final days: “I didn’t accomplish my goals and dreams because I was too frightened to live”. Will the thought even matter, or by then will it be far too late to conquer fear. Affirm that you will not permit fear to spoil your spirit and initiate taking action to confront your fears- now!

5 Common Fears:

· Fear of Failure

· Fear of the First Step

· Fear of Actual Success

· Fear of Incompetence

· Fear of the Unknown

With the feelings you get when you accomplish your goals, there is no wonder why you would want to repeat the process again. Just like the marathon runner who wins the race, you want to touch success time after time. As your burning desire increases, implementing these simple steps will increase the size of your puzzle piece of motivation. You will retain the strength to face your fears, forgive yourself for your failures and live a life where you consistently achieve your goals. With new endless motivation and power, what fresh goals and dreams will you set and accomplish?

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Self Motivation

There are two basic types of motivation: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is generated due to external factors, whereas intrinsic motivation is generated due to internal sensation and is a longer lasting one.

Self motivation, also called intrinsic motivation, refers to an internal drive that originates from within a person which helps a person to overcome obstacles and pursue worthy goals. Besides internal factors, there are certain external factors that drive you to start something new or to make a move in a positive direction.

Desire, values, and beliefs are the three motivating factors that constitute self motivation.

Self motivation is necessary as you cannot always rely on others to get motivated. It is surely needed to gather courage and strength to achieve your goals. Furthermore, it is essential to take up a new activity or to plan and find new directions in life.

Self motivation has the power to enable you to achieve anything you want to experience in life. The power exists within every person, but you should be able to get self -motivated to achieve your desires or goals. Try to identify your desire, values, and beliefs and also your strength and weakness in order to establish realistic goals.

To improve self motivation, one of the easiest ways is to educate yourself through training programs. Self hypnosis is also found effective in improving self motivation. Majority of the training programs specifically teaches the skills required to consistently become a self motivated person. Nowadays, there are several learning institutes that provide pragmatic steps to improve self motivation. Also, there are opportunities to learn how to increase your self-motivation through the Internet.

Self motivation plays a vital role in the early student life. Students should be self motivated by means of various motivation techniques in order to enable them to overcome life's challenges.

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